Wraw is making its mark world-wide with leading organisations taking proactive steps to unlock healthy high performance in the workplace.


Hear what people have to say from the world’s leading organisations and consultancies already using the Wraw assessment, training and coaching programmes.

“I can’t wait to start working with individuals and teams with this tool to educate and empower them to take control of their own resilience and wellbeing.”

“We recently engaged with the Wellbeing Project to take a large number of our Associates through resilience training.  From the start, it was obvious we had found a partner of high quality who was both easy to work with and truly cared about the effectiveness of their training and helping us as a company.  Many Associates have taken the training and found it either extremely helpful in working through challenging times, or equipping themselves with strategies to be able to cope in challenging times of change.  The trainers were knowledgeable and inspiring as well as practical and caring.  We appreciated the Wellbeing Project’s willingness to adapt their materials and respond to what’s going on in our organisation.  We would not hesitate to work with them further or recommend them to other companies.”

“We have been partnering with The Wellbeing Project now for 5 years during which time they have provided us with insightful, professional and effective support in wellbeing and resilience.  Our experience has been a very positive one, both in terms of their strong capability in this area and the practical nature of the content and material which is always delivered in a fun and interactive style.  Team members have a committed and non-judgemental approach which has fostered open and constructive conversations around wellbeing. Feedback tells us that the vast majority of participants, myself included, have benefited from valuable take-aways from the programme and these have enabled individuals to practice and embed healthy behaviours within the workplace”.

“I attended the Wraw practitioner training over 2 days; it was very practical and engaging. The content is rooted in research and very interactive with several exercises, which brought learning to life. This very flexible tool can be used separately or integrated into any existing resilience initiatives. It can be used by HR professionals, coaches, therapists and psychologists.”

“The Wraw accreditation programme run by The Wellbeing Project was excellent. The 2 days were brilliantly structured to give you sufficient context for why resilience and wellbeing are so important in business, the relevant research and statistics for making a strong business case for it, enough (but not too much) technical insight into the psychometric itself, a good grounding and understanding of the tool and its outputs, invaluable models and frameworks to use in a Wraw training/coaching session and plenty of practical exercises to give you the confidence you need to go out immediately and start selling/practising. Add to that two excellent facilitators, a lovely training environment with a delicious lunch/refreshments and a great bunch of people on the programme and it was 2 days extremely well spent. I would highly recommend it.”

I just wanted to say a very big ‘Thank you’ for a fantastic couple of days working with you and the team from The Wellbeing Project and learning all about WRAW. I am genuinely impressed by the tool and all the support systems you have in place around it and am excited by the opportunities it presents to help strengthen Resilience and Healthy High Performance.

I am really inspired by WRAW and the opportunities it presents. It is the first time I have felt a buzz from my work in a long time! So, I look forward to receiving all the materials and getting to work with a new sense of purpose.

At AstraZeneca we had a Senior Leadership Team with some members that were sceptical about wellbeing and resilience. The Wraw reports supported a workshop (run by The Wellbeing Project)  which rapidly became a forum for very open and honest discussion about how we behave as individuals and as a team, and more importantly, the environment we create for our workforce.  By the end of the workshop the scepticism was gone and we have an action plan that we believe will be impactful for the team and our organisation.

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As many as 61% of employees have experienced mental health issues due to work or where work was a related factor.
Business In The Community – Mental Health at Work 2018 report.


85% of managers acknowledge that employee wellbeing is their responsibility, but only 30% of managers report they have received any training.
Business In The Community – Mental Health at Work 2018 report


The benefits of organisations investing in health and wellbeing include better employee morale and engagement (44%), a healthier and more inclusive culture (35%), and lower sickness absence (31%).

CIPD Health and Wellbeing at Work Survey 2018

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