Ready, Get Set, Go!

The transition into a new year marks a key point for many teams when we set out how we will approach the year ahead.  Whether it’s starting something completely new or taking on a special project, doing more of something that will add value to our activities, or simply editing out elements that might be creating drag and holding us back, the start of a new calendar year heralds an opportunity to start as we mean to go on.

Central to our Wraw philosophy is our shared commitment to walking the talk of the principles that support the 5 Pillars of Resilience.  Here are some examples of how we’ll be embedding those into our own team through 2019.


  • Encouraging regular breaks and flexible working to attend exercise classes, hobbies or interest groups
  • Regular individual and group check-ins to understand work life blend and update project or task priorities
  • Wellbeing allowance for all employees to support individual interests


  • Personal development allowance for all employees to support targeted learning and extend individual knowledge and expertise
  • Team involvement in strategy meetings and targets to support insight and knowledge-share
  • Living our vision, values and mission – taking time to connect what we do day-to-day with what we’re aiming for as a team


  • Managing our natural enthusiasm and commitment to get the job done within the team – avoiding a strength turning into a weakness
  • Constructive feedback on performance, highlighting strengths and encouraging open discussion around opportunities to improve
  • Setting standards for best behaviour at all levels within the team – supporting confidence and self-belief


  • Creating new opportunities to grow and develop within the team
  • Exploring new ideas, technology and ways of working both internally and with our clients
  • Appreciating and accommodating working arrangements when life changes for the team outside of the office


  • Allowing time for the little things – saying thank you, making time to catch up with one another on life outside of work
  • Treating one another as equals – avoiding hierarchies
  • No blame culture – openness about what hasn’t gone well and learning from the event, committing to improving it

The above represents our commitment to ensuring that 2019 is a successful year for all of us on the team – not just professionally, but personally, too.

We hope they provide you with some inspiration and ideas for how to embed wellbeing in your team in 2019.

Ready, get set, go!

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