Embracing Change

Change has become the new constant, as our use of technology accelerates and the political and economic landscapes continue to shift. At the same time, change is often feared, especially when it is imposed upon us unexpectedly. People can often feel out of control and inconvenienced, tending to view the situation in a negative light.

But what is often overlooked are the opportunities that come along with periods of change. Emily Jarrett explores how we can seek to embrace these opportunities.



When we embrace change, we’re talking about personal opportunities. From an organisational point of view, large-scale opportunities are likely to be the reason for going through the change in the first place. So when such a change is inevitable, why not seize the opportunity for self-development?

Time To Reflect

An upcoming change can be the ideal time to reflect – to take stock of which aspects of your working life are effective and what could be improved. Take a step back, look at your working practices and ask yourself questions such as:

Am I doing everything I can to keep my energy levels up?  Think about the basics that are so often forgotten – exercise, self-care, making time for hobbies, sleep, diet… If you have flexible working options available to you, are you making these work for you as best you can?


Am I happy with where I am headed?  Consider whether you feel in control of your personal progress and development. Is it in line with your values, and does it give you a sense of purpose? This could be the ideal time to branch into a related area you’ve been wanting to explore, for example.


Do I feel confident in myself and my abilities?  If not, explore why and any steps you might be able to take to change this. This may involve practical plans to improve your skillset, but think also about your frame of mind and how you see yourself – remember to give yourself the credit you deserve.


Could I be more open-minded?  Are you perhaps a little stuck in your ways, but have noticed colleagues trying out new approaches and ways of working? Consider whether this might be the right time for you to experiment with something new.


Am I satisfied with my support network?  If you feel like your working relationships could do with some attention, consider how you can take more time for your colleagues to strengthen these bonds and the sense of trust between you.


Looking at each area in turn, consider whether you have any unhealthy habits or coping mechanisms that you would benefit from adjusting. If a habit is no longer serving you effectively at work (or never did!) then it is worth looking at how you could change it. Brainstorm and experiment with new approaches and techniques and, when you find one that works, seek to ingrain this in your day-to-day life.

Through taking the time to go through this process, you are investing in your mental and physical health and strengthening your personal resilience – so instead of suffering through change, you can willingly and confidently embrace it.

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Author – Emily Jarrett