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Resilience And Flexible Thinking: The Role Of Mindfulness

Research over the past few years has found that mindfulness can bring a myriad of benefits, promising better sleep, reduced anxiety and increased focus, among many other things. In this article, we will focus on how it can help to develop one key area of resilience: flexible thinking. In our 5 Pillars of Resilience model, […]

One Size Does Not Fit All

In an age of information overload, it can be difficult to know what advice to take onboard when it comes to personal wellbeing. How do you sift out the helpful from the well-meaning yet misinformed? Furthermore, is it really fair to assume that all advice is applicable to everyone? After all, we are all individuals […]

The Importance Of Boundaries

This month, we’re focusing specifically on the Energy pillar of our 5 Pillars of Resilience model that underpins our Wraw psychometric assessment. This key area reminds us of the importance of rest, relaxation and restoration if we want to feel and perform at our best. This sets us up to feel physically and mentally energised […]

Tackling Work-Related Stress: Where to Start?

It’s widely known that stress is harmful to both our mental and physical health (at least in the levels commonly experienced in modern-day workplaces), yet figures continue to show increases in work stress over the past few years. Last year, 37% of organisations reported an increase in stress-related absence over the previous 12 months (CIPD […]

Embracing Change

Change has become the new constant, as our use of technology accelerates and the political and economic landscapes continue to shift. At the same time, change is often feared, especially when it is imposed upon us unexpectedly. People can often feel out of control and inconvenienced, tending to view the situation in a negative light. […]

Building Resilience In The Face Of Uncertainty

The importance of workplace resilience has gained increasing attention and recognition over the past few years, and with the ongoing uncertainty surrounding the potential impacts of Brexit, this is perhaps more relevant than ever. For many people, these are times of much uncertainty, with concerns over job security, possible relocation of organisation headquarters or the […]

Ready, Get Set, Go!

The transition into a new year marks a key point for many teams when we set out how we will approach the year ahead.  Whether it’s starting something completely new or taking on a special project, doing more of something that will add value to our activities, or simply editing out elements that might be […]

Spotlight – Using Wraw To Support The Coaching Cycle

In this month’s ‘Spotlight’, we’ve been speaking with Sally Leese, one of our Certified Practitioners, about how she uses the Wraw Individual Report to support the coaching cycle. How have you been using Wraw as an executive coach (e.g. has it opened up new conversations)? Wraw has enabled me to have some insightful and challenging […]