Leadership enhancement


“Nothing so conclusively proves a man’s ability to lead others as what he does
from day to day to lead himself.”

(Thomas J. Watson Senior)

Leadership Enhancement is a modular programme of coaching or four half day group sessions

  • Transformational Leadership

    A business can only thrive if it is led well.  Great leaders play a fundamental role in shaping an organisation’s culture, creating a safe learning environment where individuals and hence businesses are informed by mistakes and motivated to improve outcomes.

    In this module we discover what makes a transformational leader, explore the link between the Wraw Leader Index score and outstanding leadership.

    We discuss both strategic and operational resilience, what creates a culture of performance and determine what changes would ensure you can maximise your own potential and the potential of the people around you.

  • Leading Through Change

    Times are tough. Change is now a constant factor in business and yet many people are fearful of change increasing stress levels and thus limiting mental capacity and performance.

    We have never needed more effective leaders than we need today. In this module we analyse the impact of change on an individual and we determine the most effective managerial behaviours for minimising stress in times of change.

    We explore effective communication as the single most important factor and provide practical tools, tips and strategies to ensure leaders deliver to the best of their ability day in and day out despite these challenging times.

  • Inner Leadership

    The best leaders are those that lead themselves. In this module we explore the key drivers of optimum physical, emotional and mental performance and reflect on personal results from the Wraw Individual report to assess individual strengths and possible development areas.

    We examine neuroscience and bio-chemistry and work inside out to help develop greater focus, concentration, self-motivation, creativity and belief.

    Last but not least we develop personal strategy plans for maximising resilience, engagement and potential in the workplace.

  • Creating A Thriving Business

    In this module we pull together all the learning’s from the previous 3 sessions to develop a sustainable strategy and action plan to take your business to the next level.

    By the end of the programme your self-awareness will have soared; your ability to impact and influence others will have grown immensely; your confidence will be even greater and you will be well on the way to being a truly outstanding leader.