Wraw Reports

Wraw offers you a broad selection of reports, with valuable insights into resilience and the impact on wellbeing for working people. Reports are available for individuals, teams, leaders, groups of leaders and the whole organisation.

Individual snapshot



WRAW Snapshot

A snapshot of an individual’s personal resilience with strategies to enhance each of the pillars.

Individual report



WRAW Individual Report

The individual report provides a comprehensive view of personal resilience and its impact on wellbeing for working people. Explore an individual’s current levels of resilience and how this is impacting the extent to which they are feeling the effects of pressures, challenges and adversities. Drill down into the 5 pillars and identify strategies to enhance personal resilience.

Team report



Teams bring together a collection of strengths and opportunities for development. See how resilient your team currently is and which areas could be enhanced.

Leader report



Leaders can have a huge impact on the resilience and wellbeing of their teams.  Gain insights into how a leader is currently perceived to support resilience and wellbeing by those they line manage and how this can be improved.

Leaders’ Summary



Learn how a group of leaders in your organisation are perceived to support resilience and wellbeing both collectively and individually. Understand what could be improved.

Organisation report



The Wraw Organisation report provides you with rich insights into how resilient your employees are currently feeling, how your leaders are perceived to support wellbeing and where specific pressure points are in your organisation. With this information you can confidently target investments in wellbeing initiatives to gain maximum return.

Report TitleWraw IndexImpact
Pillar Scores
Pillar Scores (comparison)StrategiesLeader
Pressure PointsFree TextHeat MapAction Plan
Snapshot Report
Wraw Individual
Wraw Team*
Wraw LeaderOO
Wraw Leaders’ Summary*OO
Wraw Organisation* +

* Contains combined level data across a group (e.g. a team, a group of leaders or the organisation)

O Inclusion requires named leaders with their consent (free text question is on line manager)

+ Free text question on organisation (no line manager free text question)

Wraw index
A measure of current resilience levels.

Impact index
The extent to which the effects of pressures, challenges and adversities are being felt.

Pillar scores (summative)
Combined sum of responses to questions about the 5 Pillars of Resilience.

Pillar scores (comparative)
How these results compare to the global working population.

Leader index
How much individuals feel their resilience and wellbeing are being supported by their line manager. Also includes responses to specific statements about line manager actions and support.

Strategies to enhance each pillar.

Pressure points
Workplace pressures that are having a negative impact on resilience and wellbeing.

Free text
Open-ended responses to questions about how resilience and wellbeing could be better supported.

Heat map
Breakdown of data by organisational segment.

Action plan
Next steps, development plan and personal actions.