Resilient People


The Resilient People programme provides a selection of resources designed to educate, empower and inspire individuals to discover and maximise their own levels of resilience.

Drawing on the results from your personal Snapshot or Individual report, you will build a unique insight into the 5 key sources of resilience (the pillars) and gain an accurate measure of your own strengths and development areas.

Learn practical strategies, tactics and tools to bolster each pillar, giving you the resilience you need to respond positively to the various pressures and demands of your own particular environment.

By the end of the Resilient People programme, you will be able to:

  • Understand what resilience is, where it comes from and how to build and maximise your own
  • Reduce your risk of burnout and illness by embracing some key principles and healthy boundaries
  • Experience the positive power of future focus – knowing what you want and being in control of how you get there
  • Navigate around the mood map, accessing inner drive, confidence, self-belief and perseverance
  • Appreciate, grow and connect with your support network, building strong and rewarding relationships
  • Adapt to uncertain times or change by thinking positively, laterally and flexibly
  • Face the future with optimism, secure in the knowledge that you have all the resources you need to thrive during challenging times