What is Wraw

Wraw is the world’s first psychometric tool that measures resilience and its impact on wellbeing.

What is Wraw?

Whilst there is increasing recognition of the importance of employee resilience and how it impacts wellbeing, until now there has been a gap in terms of how to measure it. Wraw, which stands for workplace resilience and wellbeing, is a psychometric tool that has been developed to provide these insights.

Wraw helps to increase employees’ self-awareness of their current levels of resilience and gives organisations rich data that can be used to support their workforce more effectively and engender a culture of healthy high performance.

How does it work?

The questionnaire is administered to individuals online and only takes around 15 minutes to complete. As well as generating personalised reports for individuals, Wraw provides data on the resilience and impact on wellbeing for leaders, teams and the whole organisation.

The leader and organisation reports offer insights into leadership behaviours that influence employee resilience and highlight specific pressure points, such as excessive working hours, employees feeling undervalued or lack of line manager support.

Using these analytics, organisations can target investment in wellbeing interventions, such as training, e-learning and coaching, based on their specific needs.

Wraw is based on the 5 Pillars of Resilience, which provides a holistic view, covering thinking style and the emotional and physical elements that impact wellbeing. The 5 Pillars of Resilience is a robust model used by hundreds of leading organisations across the UK and globally.


Sustaining and renewing physical energy to have the capacity to keep going through challenging times.

Future Focus

Having a clear sense of purpose and direction to help to move forward without getting stuck or feeling held back.

Inner Drive

Sustaining self-belief when times get tough, displaying confidence, motivation and perseverance.

Flexible Thinking

Having an open and optimistic mindset, enabling a positive and adaptive response to change and challenges.

Strong Relationships

Building open and trusting relationships and being willing to call on these for help and support if facing a challenge.