Our story

Born in the UK, with leading industry experts The Wellbeing Project, Wraw has over 10 years of knowledge, expertise and best practice jam-packed into its development.

Sam Fuller is the proud Founder of Wraw. She believes its impact will enable organisations worldwide to respond to the overwhelming need to develop and sustain resilience and wellbeing at work.

As individuals are encouraged to be courageous and speak up about their mental health it is Sam’s ambition to provide a psychometric tool and suite of resources that respond perfectly to their individual, team and organisational needs, developing a healthy high performance culture for all working people.

Our vision

To create a world where everyone lives well at work.

Our mission

To provide a gold standard framework for all organisations and wellbeing professionals

To provide tangible evidence of the link to healthy high performance when organisations invest in resilience and wellbeing initiatives

To provide practical solutions to build better futures for working people

Our values


Wraw is a scientifically validated and evidenced-based platform built by a team of industry experts – business psychologists, world-class coaches, counsellors, trainers, facilitators and wellbeing specialists who complement and challenge each other in equal and healthy measure.


With over ten years’ proven track record for delivering excellence, we have invested time, energy, focus and commitment to guarantee the delivery of a reliable, accurate and truly outstanding psychometric tool.


Driven by care, consideration and professional determination to build better futures for working people.

Fresh Thinking

Wraw is the world’s first psychometric tool to measure physical, mental and emotional resilience and its impact on wellbeing for working people.


Over half of organisations (55%) have seen a rise in reported common mental health conditions over the last 12 months.


Our client data reveals that only 36% of managers felt confident having a wellbeing conversation before training compared to as many as 98% after.


The return on investment of workplace mental health interventions is overwhelmingly positive, with an average ROI of 4.2:1.
Mental Health and Employers: The Case For Investment – Deloitte, October 2017

Why choose Wraw

Wraw is an exciting new product created by established industry experts at The Wellbeing Project.  As one of the first global wellbeing consultancies, they have collected vast amounts of experience and client perspective from around the world over many years.

This unique insight has motivated the team to shape and develop a tool that not only provides measurements and insights but one that truly identifies the impact current behaviours and approaches are having on an organisation.

Wraw integrates physical, emotional and mental resilience and wellbeing, with a clear focus on proactively minimising the risk in these areas. For many years, physical elements of wellbeing have been separated from mental and emotional areas of support. Wraw focuses on integrating what they believe are inseparable areas to provide structure and framework to an outstanding assessment tool.

By providing highly effective products and resources to sustain and build resilience, Wraw offers a holistic and all-encompassing solution.