Mandy Bisson

Mandy Bisson

Heady of Business Development

Mandy has a unique background blending a career as a business strategy consultant with qualifications (and passions) in wellbeing and nutrition.

Her strategy and change management experience means she understands the role of wellbeing in the context of wider business and strategic priorities. She focuses on helping businesses construct robust wellbeing strategies that blend and integrate with business objectives, to build performance, engagement and retention at every level throughout organisations.

Mandy’s experience has helped her to appreciate that many businesses take their eye off the ball when it comes to employee resilience and wellbeing; they underestimate the severe impact it can have on results and a positive working culture.

It is her knowledge, warmth, empathy and results-driven approach that brings employee wellbeing into the heart of organisational change, growth and performance for all of her clients.