Sam Fuller

CEO & Founder

Sam is the proud founder of the world’s first psychometric tool and survey to measure resilience and its impact on wellbeing.

As founder and MD of The Wellbeing Project she has accumulated years of valuable client experience and understanding which have motivated her to produce such a dynamic and flexible psychometric tool.

As individuals are encouraged to be courageous and speak up about their mental health it was Sam’s ambition to provide a suite of resources that could make a real social impact, responding perfectly to their individual, team and organisational needs and resulting in tangible business benefits.

With interventions often only supporting individuals once they become unwell, Sam wanted to provide a gold standard framework that all wellbeing professionals could proactively draw on to build employee resilience and keep individuals well at work.

She has been determined to mix this credibility with some fresh thinking which has been fuelled by a desire to ensure the fun and interactive solutions are priced efficiently, and therefore accessible to all working people.

Furthermore, the technology used for Wraw is incredibly innovative and creative, with an attractive interface that provides a great user experience.

In a world where one of the biggest risks to western society is mental ill health, Sam has captured a solution that will build better futures for all working people.

It is her ambition to create a world where everyone lives well at work.

Wellbeing Judge at the Employee Engagement Awards 2017.

Fellow of the Leadership Society at St George’s House, Windsor Castle.

MD of the Year 2017, Business Excellence Awards, CEO Monthly.